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Self-manage your Hampton Roads
short-term rental property from anywhere without sacrificing your on-site presence

Short-Term Rental
Management Reimagined

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Local Flat-fee On-site Operations to Maximize Your Return

Guest Response
and Satisfaction




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Provide guests with 24/7 maintenance line to a local care specialist who can respond on-site in one hour or less. 

Choose the best contractors and service providers for your property, then let us handle and oversee the logistics on your behalf to save you time AND money. 

Sleep easy knowing you won't need to fix a water leak in the middle of the night.


From HVAC issues to smoke smells, we've got your emergency response covered. 

We help you keep your property within city compliance and perform quarterly inspections to prolong the life of your rental. 

What We Offer

Why our hybrid approach?

Increased Profits

Koti LLC helps you manage your on-site operations for as low as $150 per month without sacrificing the security a local property manager provides.

Our flexible payment model ensures you pay less in management fees by paying for only the services you need.

Increased Control

Koti's alternative hybrid approach to vacation rental management allows you to control the destiny of your business.

From who books your short-term rental to which contractors service your property - regain control of your short-term rental income and operations with our feet on the ground. 

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Koti is your on-site representative during a guest's stay. We are available to assist you and your guests in navigating any situation that may arise, allowing you to manage your rental from anywhere.

A better experience for guests results in more positive reviews and increased bookings.

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