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Frequently asked questions

Yes! You will only be charged for future months if you decide to continue working with KOTI after 30 days. In order to legally act on your behalf for the first month, we still require you to sign a contract and complete the on-boarding process, including payment information; however, you will not be charged until 30 days from the sign-on date.

Yes. Just like a full-service property management company, a contract is required to allow us to legally operate on your behalf. 

Yes. You can change your plan in the middle of your contract with no additional fee. 

A non-emergency situation is defined as any situation that does not cause damage to the short-term rental and will not cause illness or injury.


Guests are to text a description and photo of the issue to (757) 250-2351, and our team will verbally respond within 24 hours. It is our goal to physically address all maintenance requests within 48 hours of owner approval. 

An emergency situation is defined as any situation that threatens health and life safety (fire, flood, electrical spark, gas leak, compromised security of property).

Guests are to immediately call 911, then call KOTI at (757) 250-2351. We have the capability to arrive at the Hampton Roads property within 30 minutes if necessary. 

A critical situation is defined as any situation left untreated that can cause structural damage to the short-term rental and may or may not cause an immediate health or safety concern (i.e. utility shut-off, broken appliance, toilet clog). 

Guests are to call KOTI's 24-hour response line at (757) 250-2351 and all critical maintenance issues will be addressed within 24 hours of owner approval. 

No. Outside the monthly fee, the only time you will be charged is if you approve maintenance work or for an on-site response from our team (see Pricing page).

Yes. All tenants are provided a 24/7 maintenance line and an easy text option to address all maintenance needs during their stay. 

Of course! During the on-boarding process, you as the owner can identify your preferred contractors. If no contractors are specified, we utilize our recommended Hampton Roads service partners. KOTI facilitates all maintenance repairs; however, owner authorization is required for all services done at the rental property. 

With KOTI,  you can self-manage your rental property with the support of on-call, local experts who will represent you on-site during a guest's stay. KOTI allows you to run your business and only pay for the services you need as a self-managing rental owner. 


For a flat monthly fee, KOTI provides on-site property services including 24/7 guest response, emergency response, maintenance coordination, and quarterly inspections. Supplemental services include move-in and out inspections and cleaning services for an additional fee.

Yes. As required by Virginia Beach, KOTI representatives are able to respond to property concerns within 30 minutes for emergency maintenance issues. Our partners at CGP Real Estate also provide free Life Safety Inspections for KOTI owners, also required by the new laws updated in September 2021.


Read all Virginia Beach short-term rental laws here.

Yes. A termination fee will be charged for any tier of service paid for annually.  If you choose either the Standard and or Pro tiered plans paid for monthly, you may cancel at any time with no additional fee.

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How are emergency maintenance issues handled at my rental property?

How are critical maintenance issues handled at my rental property?

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Will my short-term rental guests' calls be answered 24/7?

Can I use my own contractors?

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