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Understand KOTI's Role In Self-Managing Your Rental Property

  • 24/7 Guest Response

  • Maintenance and Contractor Coordination

  • On-site Emergency Response

  • Monthly On-Site Visits for Preventative Maintenance

What We Do

  • Control Where and How You Market Your Property

  • Choose Who Books a Stay

  • Communicate with Guests Prior to Their Stay

  • Authorize Repair Expenses

  • Collect Rents/ Payments

What You Do




Relax During Your Guest's Stay

Have peace of mind when your property is occupied. You market and secure bookings, we handle the rest.

KOTI answers the phone 24/7 on your behalf and response to all emergency or non-emergency maintenance calls. We will communicate and document all guest correspondence as well as facilitate all approved maintenance and repairs on your behalf. 

Complete the On-boarding Process

Decide how KOTI manages your property through our on-boarding process. We will contact you to review the details of your service to make sure we have your preferred contractors and other management preferences on file. 

To simplify the check-in process, we will provide templated guest communication documents you can share prior to arrival and place within the rental property to make sure your guests know KOTI is here for them during their stay. 


Compare and Select the Pricing Plan That Suits Your Needs and Budget


KOTI's pricing plans ensure you pay less for the local, top-tier property management services you need. 

View details of all pricing plans here. 




Example of annual savings of a property grossing $65,000 in rental income. 

*Top-Tier PRO plan paid annually 

Total Savings


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